Term 1 Short Courses

  • 15/11/2018 - 19:30
  • Glasgow & Online

Option 1

Understanding the Bible

Option 2

Dating (Available Live Online)

Option 3

Spiritual Leadership

Term 1 Short Courses

Destiny College Short Courses


We have a range of short courses running each term at Destiny College. In the past we have covered topics such as spiritual gifts, studies in various biblical books, mental health, family life, teaching and preaching.


During Term 1 this academic year, we are offering 3 different short courses, each running over a 5-week period on Thursday nights from 7.30pm-9.30pm. We look forward to welcoming you to Destiny College this year.


Why should I do a short course?

-Go on a journey of discovery. Find out what God really has in mind for you.

-Discover yourself! We are called ‘Destiny”, because we are convinced that everyone has one. That is a powerful purpose for living.

-Make new friends. All the courses run at the same time, in the same building, so you will have an opportunity to meet new people who are just as eager as you to learn. They may have chosen a different course this term, but you will start the evening together, and enjoy the refreshment breaks together.

-Each term, one of the short courses will be live streamed, giving you an opportunity to connect from anywhere in the world.


All courses are open to people from all walks of life, any church, or no church at all.

Option 1 – Understanding the Bible

The Bible will be the most important book in your life as a Christian. It’s not like any other Book, in that it’s completely inspired by the Holy Spirit. Yet it was written by over 40 different authors in a language we do not know and written to people whose cultures we do not understand. So, join with us as we unpack this most amazing of all books, setting you up for a life time of discoveries into the Word of God.

This course includes:

  • How we got our Bible
  • Different versions of the Bible
  • A brief overview of the Bible
  • The difference between the Old and New Testaments
  • How to use Bible study tools for future reading and research

Option 2  – Dating (Available Live Online)

Many people want to find that special person and partner for life. Come and discover what God has to say about this all important subject. This course is open to people of all ages, and will also be useful for parents who want to be able to advise their own children well.

This course includes:

  • Dating – a godly perspective
  • Finding the right person for you
  • Sensible steps and safeguards
  • Getting engaged and thinking of marriage

Option 3 – 5 Steps into Spiritual Leadership

This course is one of our key foundational courses at Destiny. Written by Andrew Owen, it brings many years of experience into focus as you unlock the leader within you.

This course includes:

  • The 5 purposes of spiritual leadership
  • The 5 graces of a great leader
  • The 5 strengths of godly leadership
  • The 5 commitments that leaders should make


  • Start Date:15/11/2018
  • Start Time:19:30
  • End Date:13/12/2018
  • End Time:21:30
  • Location:Glasgow & Online