Discipleship Training

At Destiny College we aim to raise up leaders with the character to be used by God, and to equip them with the knowledge and skills they require to complete the work to which they are called. To this end we unite a quality biblical curriculum and an encouraging but challenging discipleship training programme in partnership with students’ own churches.

destiny college classroomDiscipleship is about pursuing biblical knowledge and understanding then allowing it to shape every area of your life. Jesus’ example of discipleship training shows him following up life changing teaching with the challenge and the opportunity to put it into practice. At Destiny College, we seek to follow His model of discipleship, training our students to take what they learn in the classroom and apply it in their own life and in the context of the local church. It is our hope that, while studying with us at Destiny College, you will grow as a leader and demonstrate a personal understanding of discipleship by training others for service in the Kingdom of God.

We want to see champions emerge who, being firmly rooted in God’s word and empowered by His Spirit, have a deep passion for God’s glory, for His church and for the lost. Through the theological, leadership and discipleship training at Destiny College we are confident that you will grow in your understanding of the truth, discover and develop your God-given gifts and above all become more like Jesus as you allow the Holy Spirit to work in your heart.

Church Based Training

We are convinced that it is through the church that God will change this world. God loves the church – Jesus gave His life for it! At Destiny we are passionate about seeing healthy, strong, growing churches all across this nation and beyond. We believe that it is in and for the church that discipleship training should take place. That is why our students are not confined to the classroom. Rather they are expected to carry significant weight in their local church, enabling them to make a difference even while they study, putting into practice what they are learning.

Where practical, we would encourage you to serve and remain fully involved in your own church but there is also the option of relocating to Glasgow and becoming involved in the life of the large, thriving community of Destiny Church during your time at the college. Wherever you are based for the duration of the course, attending and playing an active part in all church meetings and events is a vital part of your leadership and discipleship training.

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