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How is Destiny College different from other UK Bible Colleges?

Destiny College is a relatively recent addition to Scotland's Bible Colleges, having first opened its doors in the year 2000. Since that time it has gone from strength to strength, with student numbers steadily increasing and the impact of their lives now being felt across the globe.

In what ways is our Bible College similar to others?

Like other Bible Colleges in the UK, we place huge value on the study and sound interpretation of the word of God. The Bible is our basis, authority and inspiration for teaching on all areas – both spiritual and practical. Comparing Destiny College’s full time Certificate in Christian Leadership course with the core courses offered by the UK’s leading Bible Colleges will reveal many similarities in content. For example, a Bible Overview, teaching on the Trinity and salvation, and an urgent call to evangelism are central to the curriculum of Destiny College and other UK Bible Colleges. Another important similarity is the common purpose of all Bible Colleges: to equip men and women to serve God and bear eternal fruit.

destiny collegeIn what ways is Destiny College different from other UK Bible Colleges?

As with all other Bible Colleges, Destiny College has its own unique emphasis and approach. Our first focus goes beyond just passing on knowledge from the word of God to the shaping of an individual’s character as they diligently apply the scriptural principles they learn – “Formation, not just information!” Secondly, we aim to train and equip our students to discover and develop their God-given gifts for effective service in the Kingdom of God. For this reason our curriculum includes opportunities for students to outwork what they learn, both through practical sessions, in areas such as prayer, mercy ministry, worship and evangelism; and through increasing involvement in the life of their local church – “Go and make disciples!”

While many UK Bible Colleges and Discipleship Training Schools are concerned with the development of character and skills in their students, at Destiny College these are not ends in themselves. Our ultimate goal is training leaders – from and for all areas of church life – who have the character and skills to fulfil their God-given destiny and to take others with them on the exciting journey – “Leaders make things happen – with others!” Specialised leadership teaching permeates all of our courses. While the more academic focus of most UK Bible Colleges is rightly served by permanent lecturing staff, Destiny College’s emphasis on leadership and practical training is most effectively outworked through the teaching of those who are actively involved in leading thriving churches and ministries in Scotland, the UK and across the globe.

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