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Welcome to
Destiny College!

Who We Are

Destiny College exists to equip and release people to fulfil their God-given potential and purpose in life in an international and Christian study environment. With our lecturers being active practitioners in their field, you can be guaranteed excellent, relevant and current input as you journey with your class through your time at the college.

At Destiny College, we are passionate about seeing every one of our students discover the purpose for which they were made and the college environment is a great place to do this. We believe that any development programme should first focus on transformation, not information, and as such, our courses are designed to help you grow and change in a practical way, rather than just gain more theoretical knowledge.

Destiny College is a part of Destiny Ministries, a contemporary, international, apostolic movement, passionately furthering the Gospel of the Kingdom of God through:

  • planting, supporting and oversight of churches

  • leadership, ministry and counselling training

  • mission & social action initiatives

  • tv, media and resources

  • international conferences & training days


A Message from our Principals

We want to thank you for considering taking a course with us at Destiny College. We believe that this Bible College and Christian Leadership Academy is a God-given tool to raise up individuals who will shape not only their own future, but also that of hundreds and thousands of others in desperate need of Jesus Christ. Over the years it has been our huge privilege to train and disciple men and women of so many ages, nationalities and church backgrounds – and our great joy to see them making a real and significant impact in towns and cities across the world.

In every generation, there are a few like these who will step up and give everything for God. Are you one of them?

We hope that as you browse this website, you will gain some insight into the things that we are passionate about. It is our firm belief that God has a unique and awesome purpose for your life and our hope is that we can equip you to achieve it. We’d love you to join us here at some point in the future.

Best wishes

Andrew and Sue Owen
Principals – Destiny College

Our Vision

The vision of the college is based around the following principles and can be summed up in the acronym R.E.A.C.H.

RAISE championship churches through releasing potential.

Destiny Ministries is a church planting ministry, with over 800 churches planted globally, and a faith goal of 1,000 by 2020. We are convinced that church is God’s great idea for world transformation. Whilst we are aware that in many parts of our world, the church as it’s known appears to have gone through a challenging period, globally, it’s bigger than ever. What God can do in one end of the earth, He can do in another. Armed with a conviction that every person is a minister, uniquely called and specifically equipped, Destiny College will help you find your place and your passion. You will further explore the place of Ephesians 4 ministries such as apostles and prophets, the missional church in a secular world, the church as a catalyst for Kingdom change in every arena, and the functioning church in a post-modern, multi-faith global community.

EVANGELISE our area and regions beyond.

Jesus told us to go! He said, ‘as the Father sent me, even so send I you.’ Three things are necessary to go. First, a passion for souls, second, a full understanding of the gospel of grace, and thirdly, a power source bigger than you or me. Many people today are finding they have a great desire to make a difference. Perhaps you have had a career, but now it’s time for a calling. Next, we need a full understanding of the gospel. This gospel, we are told, has saving power, transforming power and life-giving power. Regrettably in too many places, the gospel has been forgotten, neglected or changed. You will explore an in-depth understanding of the gospel of grace from the Bible, a review of its journey through church history, and its opportunities when presented effectively in our world today. Thirdly, Jesus’ command still stands true; we need power from on high – the person and presence of the Holy Spirit. We are convinced that God is a prayer answering, miracle working, people healing benevolent Creator. You will learn both in the classroom and on mission trips how to live, move and enjoy the dynamic of the Holy Spirit.

ACCELERATE Christian maturity in life and truth.

Just like it was said of Wesley, we really are people of one book – The Bible. Whilst the college does not primarily focus on academia, you will be taken into a journey of discovery, with plenty of academic study. You need not worry if you do not feel you qualifyplenty of support is on hand. Each year about 50% of intakes are graduates, and about 50% have left school with no formal qualifications. They study together, side by side. An overview of the Bible is followed by the great doctrines of our faith. The aim is to be able to be biblical in all that we do-not just quote verses. Moody said, the scriptures were given not to increase our knowledge but to change our lives. Faith grows and becomes effective as we study God͛s word together, and real faith always produces mature lives.

CHAMPION the cause of Christ in every arena.

A Christian perspective of Community Development is crucial for us all in today’s world. We often ask, how do we positively involve, connect and add into our diverse world? You may be called to politics, the marketplace, the arts, sports or media; you may feel a passion for the needy or the hurting, or a particular people group. At Destiny College, you will investigate the Kingdom/world interface, and learn that life with God includes all. There are times to challenge, times to listen, times to partner, times to give and times to speak. Wisdom knows which is appropriate and when.

HEALING hands into a hurting world.

The old saying is true: no one cares how much you know until they know how much you care. Most of the lifegiving institutions in our society were instigated by those moved with compassion rooted in the love of God. Social action is in huge demand; there is so much need. Over 100 initiatives are up and running around Destiny College, and you will have opportunity to learn and involve. This includes hands-on ministry, and the safe and healthy administration of social action activity and its inherent legislation and policies.

What We believe

Here are some of the things we hold to at Destiny College:

1. We believe in the existence of God as divine creator of all that we see.
2. We believe that this God is passionately in love with people.
3. We believe that God wants everyone to experience and enjoy a personal relationship with him.
4. We believe that sin and human selfishness has separated us from God, and has caused us to be far less than that which we were meant to be.
5. We believe in the existence of a devil and demonic forces who are sworn enemies of the human race and of all that is good and right.
6. We believe that all men and women need to be rescued.
7. We believe that God sent his son Jesus Christ into the world to rescue us through his sacrificial death on a cross in Jerusalem.
8. We believe that Jesus Christ was raised from the dead on the third day, and lives today.
9. We believe in one God that exists in three persons. God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.
10. We believe that there is a life after this one. There are two destinations Heaven or Hell.
11. We believe that the choice we make now concerning Jesus Christ affects the final outcome.
12. We believe that God wants to heal, bless and transform our lives by his supernatural power so that we can in turn help others.
13. We believe that God does not discriminate against people, regardless of their age, race, colour, creed, political or sexual preference. He offers life to all and any that will believe in him.
14. We believe that He has revealed his wisdom and ways to us through an infallible book known as the Bible. It becomes our guide on all matters.
15. We believe that Jesus Christ will one day return to this earth to bring his church to himself.
16. We believe that there will be a final day of judgement where the small and the great will be called to account for their lives.
17. We believe that God created each person for a unique purpose and destiny.
18. We believe that God has charged us with responsibility for communicating His love and truth to all we meet.
19. We believe that God has charged us with social responsibility. We are to live generous lives, doing all that we can to help others.
20. We believe that we have a financial responsibility to God and by giving generously honour Him as the source of all that we have.