Destiny College Lecturers

David Thomson

David Thomson - Lecturer - Counselling & Leadership

David is on the staff of Destiny Church Glasgow. Professionally qualified in the areas of Counselling and of Social and Pastoral Ministry, he oversees the community outreach and counselling work of the church. At Destiny College, he teaches the Counselling subjects and also inputs into the leadership courses in the area of Counselling and Community Action. David has an infectious passion for God and for people, and a desire to truly make a real, practical difference through the local church.

Ivan Squillino

Ivan Squillino – Lecturer - Leadership & School of the Holy Spirit

Ivan is a recognised evangelist, with a powerful healing ministry. He has seen literally thousands come to faith in Jesus, and many hundreds of people miraculously healed, during over twenty years in ministry. Ivan also oversees the work of Destiny Ministries in Orissa, India where we now have several churches and are in the process of opening our second orphanage that will bring hope and positive change in that region.

Liz Mcbride

Liz Mcbride - Lecturer - Counselling

Liz McBride is an experienced accredited counsellor with over 20 years’ experience in this field. She has a private practice in Fife, which is centred around the person-centred integrative model, although she has expertise in many counselling models. She has been a lecturer with Destiny College for a number of years and has inspired many of our students.

Liam Smith

Liam Smith - Lecturer - Leadership & School of the Holy Spirit

Liam has worked with Destiny College for many years and played a vital role in running the college during his time in Glasgow. Liam and his wife Fiona now live in Germany with their 2 children. Liam leads the work of Destiny Church throughout continental Europe and invests in our students on a regular basis with powerful leadership lessons from the Bible and his journey of church planting.