Destiny College Principals

Andrew & Sue Owen

Andrew and Sue founded Destiny College in the year 2000 as part of the wider Destiny Ministries network of churches and worldwide initiatives. During nearly three decades in ministry, they have established hundreds of churches around the world, which are thriving under Andrew’s apostolic ministry.

Andrew’s passion to help the church and individual alike reach their fullest potential is evident in his keen interest in each student of Destiny College, his insightful teaching equipping them as they train for Christian leadership. His powerful, proven ministry is guaranteed to help shape your life for maximum impact. 

Sue oversees the fantastic music ministry here at Destiny, releasing people all over the world to truly worship God through refreshing new songs. Her ministry through the annual Diamonds ladies’ conference continues to touch the lives of women of all ages. Students often comment on Sue’s natural ability to take spiritual principles and apply them to daily life in such a down to earth way. As Senior Pastors of Destiny Church Glasgow, Andrew and Sue lead a dedicated team that is making a very real difference in many communities across the city.