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Term 3 – Destiny College Evening Class

We launch a new evening class at Destiny College this term. In the past we have covered topics such as spiritual leadership, spiritual gifts, studies in various biblical books, mental health, family life, teaching and preaching.

We start a new class again on Thursday 13th May. The class runs for 5 Thursday nights through an online zoom meeting.

Intro to Christian Counselling (available online)

Are you anxious? Worried? Stressed? Do you want to learn ways to deal with these feelings in everyday life?

This course provides a deeper understanding of key counselling concepts and how the Christian message underpins our approach.

If people are considering counselling as a career or ministry, this course is an excellent first step towards nationally qualifications as well as working in a Christian context.

The option is for free but donations are most welcome.

We welcome people from all walks of life, any church, or no church at all.

We look forward to seeing you at Destiny College!



Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information or if you have any questions, we’d love to hear from you.

(4) Comments

  • olga Demkanin 13/01/2020 @ 3:50 pm

    how many hours are the course for 5 weeks per time

    • destiny-college-glasgow 17/01/2020 @ 6:30 pm

      Hi Olga, the evening classes are for 2 hours per night so the 5 week course is a total of 10 hours. You can register for them online. We look forward to having you join us.

  • Helen 04/05/2020 @ 4:39 pm

    Where do we sign up?

  • Donna yorke 13/05/2020 @ 8:51 pm

    Can I be considered for intro to counselling pls

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