Tuition Fees

Destiny College, as a private college receives no government funding and therefore, relies on tuition fees and private funding. However, some of our courses are eligible for SAAS funding.

  Certificate Christian Leadership  Diploma in Christian Leadership  HNC Counselling  HND Counselling  The Master’s Class in Ministry School of the Holy Spirit
Tuition Fee  £1650 £1050 £800 per year £900 per year £150 £1000
Upfront  No Discount  No Discount  No Discount  No Discount  No Discount No Discount
Monthly £183 £117 £89 £100 £25 £111
Funding  Not Available  Not Available  SAAS Funding  SAAS Funding  Not Available  Not Available 


Students are liable for the payment of fees and will be invoiced in full by the college.

If a monthly payment plan was agreed fees must be paid on the 1st of the month.

The fees for each academic term must be paid in full before the end of each term in order to progress to next term.

First month’s fees / first term fees (depending on your payment plan) need to be paid during enrolment week. If you’re eligible for SAAS grant you need to apply for it and bring the award letter with you during Enrolment week.

All tuition fees must be paid in full by the date of course completion.

Sponsored Place 

If you are being sponsored by an employer, charity or church, for the full or part amount of your fees, please provide a letter of confirmation of the amount they have agreed to pay. You may still need to make a payment or set up a payment plan for the remaining balance of the fees. 

Non-payment of fees

Failure to ensure full and correct payment of fees or failure to adhere to any payment plan set up may result in you being asked to withdraw from the course and certification for your course may be withheld. You will still be liable to pay any outstanding fees. 

Withdrawn students

If you withdraw from your course, you will be liable to pay some or all of your tuition fees. We will calculate how much you are due to pay, depending on your withdrawal date, and invoice you accordingly. 

Student Awards Agency Scotland (SAAS) funding: PTFG

Most part-time HNC/HND students who are ordinarily resident in Scotland will have a contribution to their fees paid directly to the college by SAAS.  This varies dependent on personal circumstances. 

To apply for PTFG funding from SAAS you can either visit their website or call 0300 555 0505.  SAAS funding forms are also available from the College Administrator.


If you lose your student card, handbook, course guide or College Certificate. Please contact the College Administrator to pay the fee and the item will be replaced. 

Replacement Item  Cost 
Student Card  £3 
Handbook  £5 
Course Guide  £5 
College Certificate  £20 


NB: Replacement SQA Certificates must ordered through SQA, via their website or call 0345 279 1000. 

Contact us 

For more information, please contact or call 0141 552 9823.